StonesNature has given us an astonishing wealth of precious stones. These include Diamonds, Emeralds, Pearls, Yellow Sapphires, Blue Sapphires, Rubies,etc. Study of the physical, and chemical properties of gemstones constitutes the science of Gemmology.

Ancient Indian astrologers have associated specific gemstones with planets. This intriguing art has proved itself extremely effective, innumerable times. The correct choice of the gemstone is done on the basis of study of a person's horoscope.

The planets that are having an unduly negative effect can be ameliorated, and the helpful influences of the other planets enhanced. It has been seen that the right gemstone has a positive effect on a person's life, helping him to be more stable, positive, courageous, enthusiastic, prosperous and lucky. Such use of gemstones has first been mentioned elaborately in the ancient Rugveda, Devi Bhagwat, Mahabharat, and Agnipuran. The poetry of Kalidas the famous ancient Indian poet, and other Vedic literature gives details about the use of gemstones. The base on which Indian Astrology rests is the Brihatsanhita by Ayaryavrahmihir, has also elaborately described the right way of the use of gems.

The west also had knowledge of such a use of gemstones. Napoleon Bonapart, Alexander, Julius Caesar, were known to have intense belief and interest in gemstones. A number of such incidences are well known. In the west there is a trend of deciding upon a particular colour of clothing, and of gemstones, depending upon the month of birth. Here the Sun signs are considered.

The Indian Astrologers decide upon which gemstone would be helpful, by studying the horoscope, and studying the lines on the palms. There are two lines of thinking in this. One says that, the planet that is the weakest in the horoscope or the mount on the palm that is most depressed is the planet, which should be strengthened, by use of the appropriate gemstone. Another says that the planet, which is the strongest, is the one that should be strengthened further.

Generally, the 1 st , 5 th , 9 th , and 10 th houses having their owner planets in the same house or planets in the exalted state, are the ones that should be considered to be further enhanced by gemstones. This method has many proponents, and has been proved to be very effective.

The use of gemstones and their effectivity has been experimented with since over a 1000 years. A large number of experiences have given birth to the artistic use of the science of gemmology. You will observe that many famous personalities sport some or the other gemstone, in a ring on their fingers. But many are still unaware of the amazing effect of gems. Today, science comes to our aid, in knowing the value, and authenticity of gems. Whether a gem is natural, synthetic, or an imitation stone is easily diagnosed today under the microscope, and knowledge of the gemmologist.

The two most important characters of a gem are its transparency, and lustre. The quality of these decides the value of the gem. The other important point is its availability. A rare gem costs you dearly.

In a gemmological laboratory, the following qualities of gemstones are looked into.

• Hardness

• Specific gravity

• Physical properties viewed through a 10X lens, like indentations, bubbles, etc.

• Diachroscopy, done through a polarscope.

• Refractive index..

Now lets have a look through some intriguing aspects of each precious gemstone.

EMERALD ( Mercury)

Specific gravity- 2.70
Refractive index- 1.575
Emerald belongs to the 'beryl' group of gemstones.
It is deep green or sea green in colour.
Some may have a tinge of blue or yellow.
This is the most fragile of all precious stones.
Columbian emeralds, from America, are considered the best .

Astrological effects of emerald:

Emerald is the gemstone for merchants, and businessmen. It gives a sharp business intellect. Protects from poisoning, and evil intentions of enemies. Napoleon wore an Emerald, and attributed his victories to it. Nero the King of France used emerald glasses.

DIAMOND: (Venus)

Hardness- 10 Specific Gravity-3.52
Refractive Index- 2.418
Chemically, Diamond is pure carbon. It is sparkling white. Some have a bluish, yellowish or pinkish tinge. This is considered the most precious and passionately loved gemstone. In India ‘panna “ in Madhya pradesh, ‘kalahandi' in Orrissa, and ‘Vajrakarur' from Andhra Pradesh, are the mines that have given the most valuable Diamonds.

Astrological effects:

It is the mantra for attracting the opposite sex. Gives all luxuries, marital bliss. Is the inspiration for artists, and performers.

PEARL : (Moon)

Hardness- 3.5
Specific Gravity-2.68
This is a biological product produced by the oyster. Found in seas, rivers lakes and creeks. Pearls are pure white in colour. Some have a bluish, yellowish or blackish tinge. The Iraqian state of Basra produces the best Pearls.

Astrological effects:

Brings happiness, prosperity, destroys negative influences, and relieves all ailments. Enhances the feminine beauty. Brings love, and warmth in life.

CORAL: ( Mars)

Hardness- 4
Specific gravity-2.68
This is a biological product like the Pearl . It is a deep orange red in colour. Coral is formed on submerged elevated reefs in the oceans, about 500 to 600 feet above the sea bed. Italian Coral is the best in the world.

Astrological effects:

Coral is the fighter's strength. It gives courage and determination. Destroys enemity, brings prosperity. Helps Doctors, Engineers, Politicians more specifically.


Hardness- 8
Specific gravity- 3.53
Refractive index- 1.61
This belongs to the ‘sapphire' group of gems. The yellow sapphire is golden yellow, with a tinge of orange, or the yellow of lemon peel . It contains varying proportions of Fluorine, Aluminium, and hyroxyl ions. The best yellow sapphires are found in the Brazilian mines

Astrological effects:

It gives luck in general, and specifically in childbearing, longevity, positive attitude, and fearlessness.


Hardness – 9
Specific gravity- 4.03
Refractive index- 1.76
This too belongs to the ‘sapphire' family. It comes in peacock blue, sky blue, or deep blue. Blue sapphires from Sumjam, in Kashmir , are world famous for their beauty and quality.

Astrological effects:

The blue sapphire is said to elevate or crash a person. If it suits someone, he is elevated to dizzy heights. If it does not suit someone, he has to face a lot of problems. So it is first tried for a couple of days before setting it in a ring. It promises progress in spiritualism. Protects from ill thinking and bad company.

HASONITE OR ‘GOMED' : (Rahu, or Dragon's Head)

Hardness: 7.25
Specific gravity: 3.65
Refractive index: 1.74
This belongs to the ‘Garnate' group of gems. They are a deep honey couloued. Rarely some are white. These gems are comparatively less expensive. South Africa and Burma have the best Hasonites in the world.

Astrological effects:

Brings success in legal matters. Opportunities in the political field and victory over enemies. Brings prosperity, good health and happiness.

CAT'S EYE: ( Ketu or Dragon's tail)

Hardness- 8.05
Specific gravity-3.71
Refractive index-1.752
It belongs to the ‘crysoberyl' family of gemstones. It has a curious appearance like the eye of a cat, due to an illuminous band on its posterior aspect and hence the name. Cat's eye is a smoky green, or yellow in colour. Gomok Mines in Burma have produced the best ‘cat's eye'.

Astrological effects:

Protects from accidents, and promises progress in spirituality. Victory over enemies. Luck in family matters, children, and financial bliss.

RUBY : ( Sun)

Hardness- 9
Specific gravity- 4.02
Refractive Index- 1.765
A ruby belongs to the 'sapphire' group of gemstones. Chemical nature- Aluminium oxide. It is red in colour. Chromium gives it its colour. Some rubies are pink or deep red in colour. Burmese rubies are supposed to be the best in the world.

Astrological effects:

Its astrological effects are seen fast. It removes fear, depression, and gives new confidence, and enthusiasm. Brings prosperity, and authority. Success in politics and administrative work.


The effects of these gems can be got only if they are genuinely real. The weight and size of the stone is to be indivisualised, considering the height and weight of the person who will be using them.

Last but not the least, the choice of the gem, or the perfect diagnosis of which gemstone is to be used, is a matter of expertise.

We at Dolphins are committed to give genuity, and quality, no need to mention the expert advice for selection of the stone.

We believe in ‘karma',which must never be ignored. Gemstones will give the magic touch to your efforts.

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