Crystal Healing

Every quartz crystal has its own powerful healing energy. And it is these dynamic energies which assist the body to heal itself by rebalancing the imbalanced vibrations of the human body - in mind, body and spirit.

When you receive your healing crystal, hold it in your right hand and envision the energies of the crystal pulsating through your hand, up into your shoulder and flowing through your whole body from your head to your feet.

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Agnihotra for Swine Flu

The ancient 'Vedas' describe an excellent way to burn away the negativity in one's life by performing the 'Agnihotra' at the exact time of sunset and sunrise. This corresponds to nature's Biorhythm, and is based upon the science of Bioenergy. It is a method of burning a fire in a copper vessel, having the shape of an inverted pyramid, with the dried cake of cowdung, ghee made of cow's milk and whole rice grains, (about two pinches) while chanting mantras. ?

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Case Studies

Mrs Xyz was distressed from harassment at her work place. She was overburdened and not appreciated though she was very adept at her work. It was totally draining her out and depressing.In the first session of crystal healing she was found to have a poor aura. All her chakras were imbalanced. In the healing process, she began to see colours of the chakras as they were treated one by one.She experienced immense benefit in a few sessions. She felt totally rejuvenated and bright. Bright even in her aura. She started being appreciated for her work and made great progress in her career.She appeared for her MBA and did well.