The origin of Feng Shui dates back to some 3000 odd years ago, when it was used only for the royal families of China. A large number of structures were erected in accordance with its principles. Singapore, centre of a lot of trade, and activity is said to have been constructed entirely according to Feng Shui. No wonder then about the high energy of activities there.

Feng Shui has been described as the art of creating wealth, prosperity and harmony.

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Fengshui Tips

If you experience high levels of conflict in your family, do not give up until you carefully look into the feng shui of your house. Feng shui can show you the hidden connection between the energy of your family dynamics and the strong negative energy as created by many feng shui house mistakes.

This list will help you identify the feng shui culprits in your own house and offer tips to calm and balance its energy.

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Fengshui Items

Feng Shui Items for Your Home or Office.
Explore easy ways to bring feng shui elements with popular decor items as cures.